Saving energy TODAY will make TOMORROW bright

With motivation to offer better and desirable product, our enterprise has been able to successfully build a robust and diversified customer base with the aim of promoting GREEN ENERGY through out Pakistan


EMQ through Brigantino Global is providing door step delivery of LPG cylinders with ready made solution for Domestic, Commercial as well as Industrial consumers. Where as POWER GAS is providing bulk supplies of LPG through distribution network and specially satisfying customers in the Northern region of Pakistan.

Its our aim to provide the best and serve the best.”


It is our privilege to give you quality services as and when required. We are thus managing a very flexible time schedule to cater growing needs.



We are proud to give competitive and reasonable prices to our valued customers with quality product and unmatched value added services through out the year.

EMQ Distinct features

Home Delivery

With our ease to order services and reasonable prices with quality product, enjoy FREE home delivery at your door step. Further more you also can order LPG accessories like regulators, connection pipe etc. for the comfort of your own.

Specialized Transport Services

We take pride in our dedicated specialized transport services particularly in the field of LPG. Our pressure safety vessels are providing hauling services from various refineries to many destinations in Pakistan.

Qualified & Friendly Staff

We have a team of dedicated qualified staff working around the clock to provide seamless services to our valued customers. You will find our staff friendly and sensitive to your queries and complaints. Customer is always right is what we believe.

Value-added Services

EMQ is also providing assistance to potential investors interested in LPG via bulk trading, specialized transport handling as well as related advise and consultancy in lieu of LPG. We also specialize in operations and management services (O&M) to handle LPG plants.

"The ability to cater our needs with dexterity and dedication is what turned me over to Safari LPG (a retail marketing segment of EMQ/BG) as a loyal customer".
General Manager

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