About us

With motivation to offer better and desirable product, our enterprise has been able to successfully build a robust and diversified customer base especially in the Northern Region of Pakistan.

LPG Plant

EMQ through POWER GAS has been operating in the Northern area of Pakistan via Sarhad Gas (Pvt) Limited.

POWER GAS is the O&M operator of this plant and has been managing it successfully for more than 3 years.


We have been able to successfully put up a fleet of 5 prime movers and bowzers which are working round the clock and successfully hauling LPG from various refineries to selected destinations in Pakistan.

LPG Retail

EMQ takes pride in its associated company Brigantino which has been successfully managing retail LPG segment through out Rawalpindi and Islamabad region.

Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the best.

Emmad ul Haq

Chief Executive Officer
EMQ / POWER GAS / Brigantino Global

Mrs. Saima Rafique

Company Secretary

Ahmed Khurshid

Chief Operating Officer
Brigantino Global

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